Ms. Aguilar: El Rancho teacher by day, professor by night

November 19, 2021


If any student is obsessed with the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, ninth grade English honors teacher Ms. Aguilar can be your reading buddy!


  Ms. Aguilar is an English 9 Honors and ERWC teacher at El Rancho High School in classroom L-2.  In 2013, she received her BA in English Education at Cal State Long Beach.


She has always been interested in helping others and guiding them through their problems. When she was in elementary school, her first-grade teacher let her teach an origami lesson to the class. Since then she’s always felt the support that’s been given to her from her teachers to follow this career. 


She was also a math tutor for a couple of years where she learned how fun it was to see the journey of students comprehending difficult concepts. Currently, she’s teaching Education at Cal State Long Beach, where she is motivating the next generation of teachers.


Aguilar connects with her students through her own past experiences. Both sets of her grandparents were farmworkers who immigrated to the US from Mexico. Her parents had difficulties with their studies in school as teenagers which closed the opportunities. After giving birth to Ms. Aguilar, her parents worked hard to give Aguilar the opportunities they never had. They wanted her to go to college and make something of herself.


Aguilar’s past students would describe her as quirky. She loves to decorate for the holidays, loves grammar, and loves to read To Kill a Mockingbird every single year; even though she cries at the end of To Kill a Mockingbird. But who doesn’t like a little bit of sob story at the end of a novel? 


Aguilar believes that each student can learn but need to find something they want or need. By clarifying what they want out of  their education students have a better chance of completing their education. Aguilar is a firm believer that those students who are strong readers, great writers, and have excellent speaking skills will thrive on any undertaking. She said, “Communication skills are important!”


She enjoys napping, even with her busy schedule. She loves spending her paychecks shopping at Target. Her other hobbies include going to concerts and traveling to different places/countries. She’s traveled to Spain and Switzerland, interesting places she’ll never forget about. Currently she has tried to visit Mexico as a family vacation. 


She is also a trained technical writer. Technical writers work in any field doing any type of writing job for a company. With luck and hard work, she became an intern at a publishing company in college and even had her name accredited in a few books. 


If she wasn’t teaching, she would most definitely be an editor for a publishing company or a freelance writer. If she were in a whole other world, she’d want to live in Mexico and learn how to bake pan dulce!  


Ms. Aguilar is headstrong with her beliefs in her students and has a great personality, and is very welcoming with new students that enter her classroom. Don’t be shy and pop by L-2!

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