Opinion: Dreaming is necessary to do in life

Gloria Steinem once said, “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” That is something so fundamental in life, that alone should open everyone’s eyes to the power of dreaming. 


In a world so dark, where tragedy after tragedy occurs, dreaming is vital. It is something that we get to have for ourselves and it gives us something to look forward to. 


It is necessary to dream. We as humans should have something to look forward to. Without it, what is the goal in life? If one is not working towards something then what is it all for? Dreams are essential to living a fulfilling life. 


The question that often arises is: what is the meaning of life? I truly believe that living out your dreams is one of the many answers. Having lifelong dreams—or even short-term ones—allows one to have a purpose in life. Whether your dream is to one day be a doctor that saves hundreds of lives or move to a new city, that dream is what gives us meaning. 


Achieving dreams is even more essential because without working for dreams, they mean nothing. Living in the moment is essential but looking forward to the future creates excitement and passion that goes beyond the mundane things. Life is much more than something we must get by. Dreams give us hope that life is more than hardships and heartbreak. Achieving dreams fills one with happiness that helps life have a purpose. 


Not everyone has lifelong dreams and something they are working towards but if you are lucky enough to let yourself dream, do it. It may be rare to have your dreams come true but anything is possible, so it doesn’t hurt to believe. It’s more damaging to never dream at all. 


All in all, if you don’t feel like life has meaning or all you ever do is try to get through it, try dreaming. It is something so looked over these days. That doesn’t mean to dream your life away either, work towards it and the results you receive will be far more fulfilling and life will be far more meaningful.

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