El Rodeo Senior Staff say their farewells

The senior El Rodeo Staff members say their final goodbyes in the Staff farewells. This tradition started in the print edition and will continue to live on through the class of 2023. Congratulations to the graduating class! Good luck and may your new journey bring you joy, success, and fulfillment.


Senior Co-Editor-in-Chief Sierra Uribe

My years here at the ranch have been memorable but nothing could compare or even come slightly close to my senior year at the ranch. I’ve always loved school, enjoyed school activities and being around a lot of people. My love for these things contributed tremendously to this year being as great as it was. To begin, the biggest and greatest decision I made this school year was joining ASB. It has been the greatest factor to my success this year not only as a student but as a Don. Joining ASB gave me several opportunities such as discovering my passion for photography and being able to create Diary of a Don (which is almost sold out). This year I put myself out there by taking on the Publicity position in ASB, Senior Editor position for this year’s yearbook staff and taking on a C0-Editor-In Chief position for El Rodeo. This year, I had the privilege to be able to capture the memories for most sports and school activities, communicate with coaches and share and capture content for my school and being the school’s photographer this year allowed me to work with the legend Mr. Crone and upload my photos on the Don Page which is so surreal! My journey with the camera this year was a learning process. With each event and each sport I felt as if I was only getting better. I will forever cherish each event I’ve been to this year. I am grateful for the friendships and relationships created this year with staff and other students. The opportunities that were available to me this year would not have been possibly without Mr. Magdaleno and Mr. Zeko. These two teachers have contributed to my growth as a person this year. I am beyond thankful for them two and will miss them so much. I love the ranch so much and honestly wish I did not have to leave. But, my work at the ranch isn’t done until June 6 around 7pm. El Rancho, you have truly been great to me. Congrats to us class of 2023! We did it!




Senior Co-Editor-in-Chief Daniela Cortez  


These past four years have truly passed in the blink of an eye. Spending my first three years at Ellen Ochoa Prep was where I made the most of my high school memories and I will always cherish where I spent most of my time but even though it was scary and hard to move to El Rancho, I am happy with the way things turned out. Becoming a Don brought me so many amazing opportunities and experiences that I will never forget. I loved becoming a part of El Rodeo and being given a platform to write about the things I am passionate about. It certainly helped me get out of my comfort zone, feel a part of the school, and really just grow as a writer. Being part of the El Rodeo staff was definitely my favorite part of my time here at El Rancho. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason and my move to El Rancho for my senior year was just to help me grow and give me opportunities I would’ve never had like getting published on LA Times HS Insider–which is something I am really proud of. I cannot believe everything is coming to an end. I really just want to say thank you to my support systems like parents, family, and friends. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without them. Also a big thank you to the teachers that had a big impact on me like the ones from Ellen Ochoa Prep and here at El Rancho like Ms. Valle and especially Mr. Zeko. Saying goodbye is hard but I am excited to see what the future holds for me now that I will be going off to college (go Tritons!). Well, Congratulations class of 2023! We did it! We grew up, something that at one point felt so far away but this is just the beginning of the rest of our lives. Good luck with your new chapter in life, make the most of it. Go Dons! 




Senior Claudia Banuelos 


4 years gone just like that…For the past couple of years, together we have all gone through extreme highs and lows. From being little freshmen new to high school life, lost in the halls, to seniors ready to graduate and take on the challenges of being an adult. I can’t say I don’t have regrets but I can say we should appreciate and embrace our growth and knowledge gained here at The Ranch. We survived Covid-19, zoom meetings, social distancing, and not to mention the horrors of college applications. I will forever be grateful for the amazing support system I have at home, from my parents to my sisters who are always guiding me through the right path and encouraging me to make good decisions all while allowing me to live my life. To my little niece and nephews who I will always strive to be the best role model and Tia for, thank you for distracting me from time to time and making my day more exciting. To all the amazing programs and clubs here on campus, thank you for allowing me to be a part of something great and gifting me with the friends and supporters that helped get me through these past 4 years. Link Crew taught me the importance of making everyone feel included. Tuesday lunch games have always been my favorite because they brought our school together in a fun and energetic way, from water balloon tosses to doughnut-eating contests and trivia games. Song, allowed me to cheer on my school, celebrating our victories and getting our team through the losses. Mr. Zeko has especially taught me through his many life lessons to put my phone down from time to time, admire the world around us, and take chances. Lastly, my calculus family, Mr. Francis has always been a great supporter and teacher, I won’t miss all the “torture sessions” leading up to the AP exam but I will say I am grateful for all the knowledge and friends I have gained in I-8. I truly cannot believe it is all coming to an end and I couldn’t be prouder of our class. Congratulations, WE DID IT!! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of our lives has in store for us. Once a Don, always a Don! Thank you El Rancho.


Class of 2023 signing off!

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