Opinion: Campus was unprepared for students’ return


As students came back for the school year, facilities were not prepared for students to return. The first day of school for the freshmen and sophomores was canceled which gave our new students no orientation or welcome to El Rancho High. 

Freshman and Sophomore first day was scheduled to be August 10th, along with the club and sports fair that was planned to be the same day for students to get involved and get to know the clubs on campus. 

Eventually, everyone’s first day, grades 9-12 was August 11th. 

Prior to our first day back, I was on campus and more classrooms weren’t ready than I had expected. 

The day before the first day of school, the flooring in some classrooms was still being worked on.

They had all school year prior and a few months during the summer to get the campus ready for return. 

Taking a look inside these classes that were being worked on, they were empty with wet floors. These classrooms were for sure not going to ready for the first day back. 

They had a lot of time to get the classrooms ready but they waited. We weren’t on campus for over a year and at the last minute, they had to rush everything. 

On the first day of school, some students had no chairs to sit in class along with tables to sit at. The classes with no tables and chairs had nothing to do but improvise. 

I had one class with not enough chairs in it for weeks and we had no tables until the last week of August. I wondered who does this fall back on?

I barely saw any SSOs, staff, or administration around campus during the first week of school.

Some classrooms do not have air conditioning. Although there is air conditioning in almost every class, I’ve heard that some do not. I’ve heard the classes in the upstairs library do not have air conditioning. It’s been really hot and I could only imagine how hot it can get in the afternoon. 

Our campus did not look good and was definitely not ready when we came back. It was disappointing. Students had to adjust to everything.