Getting to know Ms. Berkovich once again


Ms. Berkovich first began her teaching career at El Rancho High School back in 2007. She has worked at El Rancho High School on and off for roughly seven years. She taught digital imaging for the first five years at El Rancho High School. She then left to teach art at Rivera Middle School.

After coming back to El Rancho, Berkovich said “I felt like working with teenagers and helping to guide them and figuring out their futures and teaching about art would be better.” She has now been teaching Art 1 for two years, influencing her students how to express themselves. 

 Before becoming a teacher at El Rancho, Berkovich spent ten years as a graphic designer where she designed advertisements and other marketing materials to sell. 

She wanted to become a teacher to have more of an impact on others. In college, she majored in Art, as she hoped to be an artist. At the time, technology was converting art to digital art. Berkovich also majored in graphic design at San Francisco State University.

Quite interestingly Berkovich has two older sisters who also studied in other forms of Art. Her oldest sister works in textile design and studied as a fashion major. Her second older sister works in the corporate world, leaving Berkovich to be the youngest in her family.

Another interesting fact is that Berkovich has had the opportunity to do tons of traveling. She lived in three other countries, she says “I lived in Mexico City to study abroad during college for a year, and after college, I went to live in London for 6 months and did work abroad. Then 5 years after that I went to Australia and also did work abroad there.” She also says, ¨I went to Greece, Italy, France, Holland, Spain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Brazil and that’s it.¨