Opinion: Homecoming- big hit to the wallet but the memories are priceless


Alexis Figueroa, El Rodeo Staff Writer

This year, we were very fortunate to come back to school on campus, after being on distanced learning due to COVID-19. Having a homecoming dance this year was very exciting as this was our first dance in a very long time. The COVID-19 pandemic left many families struggling financially. 

Homecoming tickets were sold for fifty dollars, and the discounted price was forty dollars with an ASB card.  For a homecoming dance, the prices for the ticket should be lower because fifty dollars seemed too much for such a small venue. In addition, not a lot of students were able to attend because of the cost.

The tickets should be twenty dollars with an ASB card and thirty dollars without an ASB card. The day the tickets were being sold, it was very stressful because I didn’t bring money as well as other students who didn’t know or forgot to bring money to buy the ticket. 

Despite the high price, the dance was very fun for the students that were on the dance floor. The DJ was playing a lot of good songs like hip-hop songs, Spanish songs and even though the dance floor was small it was still very fun. The photo booth was very exciting to use. They had all kinds of small props to use and take pictures with. 

The food was good as well at the dance but putting the table down the hill was a bad idea because a lot of girls were wearing heels and going on the hill was dangerous, but lucky no one got hurt. We had spaghetti and meatballs, chicken alfredo, and salad and it was delicious. Overall, the people serving did an amazing job being patient with us students. 

I believe homecoming was worth going to because it was fun and memorable.