Opinion: COVID-19 shouldn’t spook you away from trick or treating this year


Sierra Covarrubias, El Rodeo Staff Writer

COVID-19 shouldn’t stop people from trick or treating because there are many ways to get candy covid safe.


People this year can still have fun while staying safe. Trick or Treaters can go up to get candy from a table six feet away to practice social distancing.


Another reason why we should celebrate Halloween is that we can wear masks while being in groups to prevent any spread of germs. Some people can even wear a scary mask for their costume which can add to the fun of the holiday and protect themselves from covid.


Also, trick or treating is an all outside event, which makes this even safer to do than other holiday events. This option can make people more comfortable to go out this year and feel safe with their families and friends.


Wearing a mask this year on Halloween shouldn’t be tricky considering we wear them in school for hours at a time.


Candy is also a safe item to hand out because candy is packaged, manufactured so there is no human contact where a person is making it or touching it.

Trick or treating is safe to do this year, due to the fact that it can be done in a safe manner all around. It’s not hard to take precautions this time around while also enjoying yourself at the same time.


Although some people might still feel uneasy about trick or treating from strangers, there are alternatives like events that do Trunk or Treat; it’s where you can drive through and leave your trunk open for people to throw candy. 


So go out and enjoy your favorite candies like Twix, gummy bears, jolly ranchers, or go out with your boo this year.