Opinion: Corpse Bride is overrated


Gizel Beltran, El Rodeo Staff Writer

The movie was over-hyped. It would be a seven out of ten because I didn’t like musical parts in movies. There were five musical numbers where the characters were singing that felt so random and out of place. This movie feels like it lasted three hours and not the hour and thirteen minutes it actually is.


Corpse Bride is about Victor, the main character, and Victoria having an arranged marriage. During the rehearsal ceremony, Victor kept messing up on his vows since he was scared. Victor went out into the forest to practice by himself and put the ring on a tree but it turns out to be the resting place of Emily also known as the “Corpse Bride.” 


The cover picture is very misleading since Emily is on the cover page and Victoria is nowhere to be seen in it. For some reason, people just forget about Victoria as if she is not one of the main characters and isn’t Victor’s bride. 


I think Emily’s character is very overrated; she doesn’t appear in the movie until seventeen minutes and ten seconds into it. She is very selfish throughout the movie. She kidnaps Victor and takes him to the land of the dead without even asking him. Emily causes him to go through more trauma all because she wanted a husband. 


Victor tells Emily, “Why can’t you understand? It was a mistake! I would never marry you,” to say if he knew that the tree was a person he wouldn’t have tried to marry her since he wanted to be with Victoria. Emily always plays the victim, after all, that she gets upset with Victor for not wanting to be with her.


She later finds out that Victor and she are not actually married. Instead of letting him go back to the land of the living, she doesn’t want him to know that they aren’t actually husband and wife. She pays no mind to how Victor feels which bugs me. 


 The movie lacked clips of Victoria and Victor being together. It also took a while to get to the plot twist and the songs weren’t very catchy.