Ms. Metaxas’ love for learning is never overdue


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

The moment you enter the double doors of the ERHS library, you can’t help but feel the inviting atmosphere created by the new librarian, Ms. Kathy Metaxas.

Kathy Metaxas keeps the library warm and welcoming for students on campus but before becoming the librarian, Ms. Metaxas was an English teacher at “The Ranch” for 16 years.

Her favorite thing to teach was the service research project. She enjoyed seeing her students’ passion and creativity. “Some of my favorite service projects were the Sea Turtle Sweep when we picked up trash in the neighborhood to bring awareness to how our actions affect sea life; Zumba dance class to promote physical well-being; and stress reduction workshops when we crafted, colored, and listened to music,” she said. 

Being a teacher, she loved to connect with her students. She is still a teacher but is now considered a “guest teacher.”

Becoming the school’s librarian wasn’t a hard switch from teaching as she said, “I have always loved libraries, so I knew it would be a good fit for me. I was a little worried that I would miss the bond that’s created when you see the same students in class every day, but it turns out I do get to see a lot of the same students and I even get to talk to them individually more.”

Her favorite thing about being the librarian is helping students have the same experience as she has with books as she said, “There have been times in my life when books have made me feel less alone in the world and more connected to humanity. It is exciting to think that I may be able to help students have that same experience.” 

Metaxas also enjoys seeing students smile and wave at her through the glass of her office to acknowledge her as they leave the library, “It’s so adorable!” she said. 

Aside from being the El Rancho librarian, Metaxas is also the Leo’s Club Advisor. Leo’s stands for Leadership, Experience, and Opportunity. The Leo’s Club serves the community as they participate in beach clean-ups, Trick-or-Treat For Hunger, diabetes awareness walks, and hospital carnivals. 

She said, “During distance learning, Leos recorded virtual storytime videos and shared them with elementary schools in the area. This year, our major project is creating “Take-What-You-Need” boxes with self-care items, snacks and such, to distribute around campus for students to access. Leos meet in the library (L101) on Tuesdays at lunch and it’s never too late to join!” She is also the advisor for the Pride Alliance Club and they have meetings on Wednesdays at lunch in the library.

On the weekends, Metaxas does homework as she is back in school at San Jose State to earn her Masters in Library and Information Science. She also reads, watches her son play baseball, and has Sunday meals with her entire family. 

Her happy place is being on a boat, in the ocean, as she expresses it gives her the feeling of freeness. 

The shows she watches on Netflix are Squid Game and The Great British Bake Off. “I just finished watching ‘Squid Game.’ Whoa. I was gobsmacked,” she said. “If you’re interested, watch it in Korean with subtitles rather than dubbed in English. Makes a huge difference. I am also a fan of The Great British Bake Off. I don’t even bake often, but I think I find the wholesomeness of that show relaxing.”

When it comes to cooking, her favorite to make is Mediterranean-style food, “I’m not a great cook, but when I do, it’s with a lot of olive oil, Mediterranean-style. My daughter is a better cook, but she’s off at college in Massachusetts, so I’ve had to step up my game. I’m proud that my junk food-loving husband and son are willing to eat (and even enjoy!) my roasted vegetables now. Huge win.”

Metaxas loves creativity and enjoyed her time as an English teacher. She is a supporter of all her students and loves to help guide them to success, especially by reading.