Benson Boone wonders if love is really worth it


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Ghost Town by Benson Boone is like a song I’ve never heard before. The lyrics in the song are very meaningful as they represent what he learned as he observed a toxic relationship and experienced the steps to maturing. 

The whole music video is in black and white, but it gives good vibes. The video is of four teenagers at the beach, and in really good settings like the forest. It gives the feeling of freeness. The black and white tone of the video really adds to the song and the music itself. It’s almost like a vlog in which most people are interested in watching now.

When you’re young, you want to go out with your friends and have fun. You want to experience new things and have moments of nothing but laughter. 

Also, being in a relationship when you’re young, you can think everything is going well, but one small thing can throw it all down the drain. 

Some things can make you doubt and second guess yourself in a relationship, especially as a teenager. 

“Maybe you would be happier with someone else,” the song talks about self-love, and how love can show you to love yourself before you try to someone else.

A song is a lot better when you can relate to it and feel its emotions. 

The song is a good length, but the beginning has really good lyrics, leaving listeners excited to hear the rest of the song. 

The video editing is also something that was done really well. 

I loved the meaning and emotions put into this song Ghost Town and the lyrics went perfectly with the music video.