In “Long Nights,” Yung Reece shows love isn’t as easy as it looks

Leilani Patino, Staff Writer

“Long Nights,” by Yung Reece premiered on December 3rd and the official music video is directed and edited by Nick Lamarque. The video is filmed and edited really well from the very beginning as the scenes go really well with the song. 

Yung Reece sings differently than many music artists right now which is something that makes him significant. 

Most male artists in the popular music industry right now are rappers or don’t usually sing. It’s rare for me to come across a new pop artist that mainly sings. 

Yung Reece and his girlfriend in the music video are arguing, as he says “I will never let the long nights go, girl, it’s been a long time.”

They both show anger and frustration toward one another. The song goes well with the setting of the music video. Reece expresses how their relationship makes him feel and that the little things matter in their relationship. 

Many people can agree love can be shown with little things while in a relationship and so many tiny things can go a long way. 

The video consists of Yung Reece at a gas station as he buys flowers for his girlfriend at home, but other girls show up to the gas station and approach him. Without anyone knowing, a social media account posts him with the girls, like if he was really interested in them. 

His girlfriend, feeling hurt, packs her stuff to leave him. When he comes home with the flowers, he feels as if it’s pointless to even try. 

They seem to give up on each other because it’s too hard to love one another. 

Yung Reece gives a good message in his song. I recommend watching his music video and listening to his new song “Long Nights,” especially if you like R&B Soul artists like D’Angelo, Mary J. Blige, Usher, and Chris Brown.