Gabriel Munoz and Jasmin Leon crowned 2022 Winterbelle King and Queen


Karla Lezama, El Rodeo Staff Writer

On Friday, January 21, 2022, Academic commissioner, Gabriel Munoz and Activities commissioner, Jasmin Leon were crowned 2022 Winterbelle king and queen.

“It’s an honor to be crowned Winterbelle king,” says Munoz as it initially wasn’t his plan to run for king. On the first day of nominations, Munoz realized that people were nominating him so he began verbally campaigning to other students to increase his votes.

It also wasn’t Leon’s plan to get nominated but when she was informed that she got on the ballot, she decided to go for it since it’s her last year of high school.

She felt encouraged to do it because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and has always been nervous to put herself out there but knew that it was going to be fun.

When asked how it feels to be known as the Winterbelle queen, Leon said “honestly, everything still feels the same. I feel as though it’s something that lasts a matter of minutes but it still feels nice to be congratulated!”

Munoz and Leon joined forces and decided to campaign together.

Munoz and Leon knew that if they wanted to win, they had to be consistent in communicating with students and advocating for themselves to the school on both voting days. They were nervous when they heard who the other candidates were.

Alongside Munoz and Leon were seniors Kayla Castillo, Macario Robles, Ashley Garcia, Nicholas Torres, Arianna Garcia, Jacob Foster, Lorena Galaviz, and Luis Piñon.

Munoz and Leon’s strategic plan to advertise themselves without any social promotion was to walk around school during nutrition and lunch and talk to as many people as possible on campus to grow their votes.

Despite their victory, they both faced the challenge of being told that the results were rigged. “It honestly never really got to my head because I knew that it wasn’t true and at the end of the day, I knew I was going to be happy with whatever the results were,” says Leon.

Munoz and Leon express their gratitude to everyone that voted for them and believed in them to prove their social abilities that they could win king and queen.

Munoz wants those who are hesitant to run for king to know that they should “just do it! You only live once and high school is only four years.”

Leon says “it’s an exciting experience! Even if you’re scared to lose, just remember that no one is going to care about the results within a matter of days, so just do it, and have fun with it.”