Competing to be the Best on Season 2 of Netflix docuseries Cheer


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Season 2 of the Netflix series Cheer was released in early January and had a lot to show, from competition, fame, to the Daytona cheer championship. All nine new episodes this season bring on the heat! 


The first season of this series was focused on Navarro College, a community college in Corsicana, Texas. Head coach, Monica Aldama has been coaching at Navarro College for 26 years. Cheer showed the athleticism in the Navarro cheer athletes in the first season as they became champions at the Daytona Cheer Competition in 2019. Navarro scored first place with 97.8375, and their rivals Trinity Valley Community College came in second with a score of 97.2875. 


The second season of Cheer shows all the trials both teams went through including the COVID-19 pandemic. Navarro had all the pressure to win Daytona again in 2020 because they had won several years in a row and were expected to come home as champions. After the fame season 1 brought, Navarro was booked and busy with talk show interviews and photoshoots keeping their schedule filled. 


The 2020 National cheer competition was canceled because of COVID-19, and colleges adjusted to virtual learning like many other schools in the US. Both teams were put on hold.


When they went back, they were constantly getting COVID testing. Both teams had to adjust to this new to these new situation and had to start from ground zero strong to be champions at Daytona. 


The Netflix series does a really great job of going back and forth between the two teams and how they practiced. 


Each team worked really hard and practiced in every weather condition to prepare for any challenge that came their way at the competition.


This series shows a few cheerleaders on both Navarro and TVCC, who have grown to be the leaders on their team. This stood out to me because they show they want it just as bad as their rivals and maybe even more. 


These leaders share a little of their stories and push to be the best cheerleaders they can be, not only for themselves but for their teammates as well. 


The results of the competition at Daytona, surprised me as TVCC won the championship even though they were the underdogs. Aldama and Navarro Cheer thought they had it in the bag, and all the pressure was on. 


I really recommend watching this show because everyone has their own idea of cheer but this series shows the real side of competitive cheer. The championship at Daytona shows no matter when you mess up in the sport, you can still come on top with a higher score.