Celebrities receiving backlash after enjoying Super Bowl LVI wearing no masks


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Many well-known celebrities like Lebron James, The Weeknd, Doja Cat, Jennifer Lopez were bashed by social media users for not following the California indoor mask mandate during Super Bowl LVI.

People that have been to previous Los Angeles Rams games have said on social media that no one wears masks while at the games. 

KN95 masks were given to everyone in attendance of the game and the California City’s Health Department repeatedly mentioned, “masks will be required at the stadium.”

A photo that blew up all over social media was that of Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti talking with others while not wearing masks. 

He then posted a video saying he was wearing a mask throughout the whole game, except for when he was taking pictures with people, eating, or drinking. 

Garcetti was also seen ignoring the mask mandate at the National Conference Championship.

Twitter users were quick to point out that children are still forced to wear masks at school all day, and are only able to eat or drink outside no matter the weather. These individuals are upset that children are forced to wear masks at school when many do not outside of school. This creates theories for people to think the state government is lying about masks. 

Many celebrities feel attacked for not wearing masks at the game because so many people are speaking up about the lies they are telling the world on social media.