Rio Hondo brings guidance to all students


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Joseline Gonzalez, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Have you heard about the Educational Talent Search Program also known as ETS that Rio Hondo offers. If not, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.


In the College in Career center, you can meet the Program mentors for El Rancho who are Jorge Ordorica and Connie Rios. Jorge will be here the 3rd week of every month. While Connie will typically be here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


In order to join the program you must fill out an application and get accepted. ETS was created for first-generation students or parents who have a low income. The point of the program is to guide you through the process of college applications, FAFSA, scholarships, and more. 


ETS sets up workshops throughout the semester to help students either find what they’re passionate about or guide them through the college application process. They take notes on what your interests are and when you’re ready they will let you know about any scholarships that might be available for you. 


It has not been confirmed yet but they have mentioned that there is a possibility that next semester they will be hosting college/university visits. This would really benefit the Juniors, Sophomores, and even the Freshman.


Early this year they hosted a Disneyland Physics workshop which I had the opportunity to attend. Where they showed us how Disney magic comes to life. We learned about the whole process that engineers have to take in order to create the rides we love. While also experimenting and creating our own ride. 


ETS will also be hosting a Game Design Program this month. For those interested in that field or would like to learn more about it. It will take place across the street from El Rancho, at the RHC Pico Rivera Educational Center.


Joining ETS not only helps you throughout all the application processes but it looks great for your college applications. Don’t miss out on a perfect opportunity to get help and become a more competitive candidate for the Universities you would like to attend.