Young Thug Releases Slime Language 2


Anthony Paniagua, Staff Writer

Last night at 12pm est Young Thug, Gunna, and their label Young Stoner Life records released the anticipated album Slime Language 2. Slime Language 2 is the sequel to Slime Language which Thug released back in 2018. Slime Language 2 has definitely lived up to its hype considering all the positive feedback that it has received from fans.


Thug has definitely worked hard to please his fans. Slime Language 2 contains 23 tracks which amounts up to a lengthy 1 hr and 15 minutes of listening time. 3 of the tracks titled “Take it to Trial”, “GFU”, and “That Go!” had been released prior to the release of SL2. Slime Language 2 had been announced back in 2020 when Gunna hinted at Slime language 2 on his livestream. A couple months later Thug confirmed that Slime Language 2 was going to be released. It was not known as to when the album was going to be released, but it was released faster than expected. In addition to the release of the album Thug released a brand new music video today for the song “Ski”.


Slime Language 2 can definitely be put in the conversation of album of the year. Thug was able to assemble a lot of artists which are currently popping in the music scene. He was able to put Drake, Travis Scott, Gunna, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Kid Cudi, Lil Duke and more on his album which made the album wonderful. With all these features it’s expected that Thug will definitely get his album in the top 100 charts in no time. In addition to these features Thug released a couple of tracks which a lot of fans had been waiting for. The track “Proud of You” featuring Lil Uzi Vert & Yung Kayo is a song that Uzi teased on his livestream back in 2018 and since then it had remained a snippet in which fans wanted and they have finally received it. Another track which had hype around it was “Ski” which Thug showed a snippet of on his instagram account and his daughter had also posted a video of her dancing to his song.

In my opinion Slime Language 2 is definitely one of my favorite Young Thug albums. The majority of the songs on the album are great and there is a great variety of sounds since there are so many different artists which are featured. Currently my favorite song is Diamonds Dancing (feat. Travis Scott) because it features Thug, Gunna, and Travis which are currently the artists to which I listen to the most and because they are a great trio which they proved when they released “Hot” on Thug’s album So Much Fun back in 2019. Some honorable mentions are “Slatty”, “Ski”, “Solid, “Moonman”, and “Came out”. Slime Language 2 is going to be an album that is definitely going to be played all summer long. Like I said most of the songs are great, but one song which I think could have been better was “Superstar” featuring Future. I thought the song was pretty good, but I think that it could have been better if Thug chose to add an artist known as Young Nudy to the feature because the beat for that song fits perfectly with the flow that Young Nudy has and I think that Nudy and Thug could have been a great duo. Something that I really loved about the album was how Thug put unknown talent on his album. When I was looking at the feedback on the album I saw a lot of fans saying that they had little to no clue who some of the artists on the album were such as Unfoonk and YTB Trench, but they enjoyed that they were on the album. I like how Thug gave these artists exposure which will help them grow and hopefully we can hear from them in future collaborations with Thug.