Seniors POV not returning back to school


Michael Limon , Staff Writer

My senior year of high school, 2020-2021, was spent seated in front of a laptop at home. I didn’t spend a single day in class or at school because of a worldwide pandemic that affected the nation and the world. 


My senior year was transferred to online school, which meant that all of my senior events and memories were lost. I actually don’t mind online school; it’s the fact that I’m in my last year of high school that bothers me.  A senior year is supposed to be full of life-long memories, but I’m stuck at home hoping things will all go back to normal.

Of course, going to school online isn’t the same as going to school in person. Online school is really very dull, and it can be difficult to stay motivated at times. 

I suppose I’m just being self-centered, but the school’s move to online learning is really a positive thing once you understand why it happened. It occurred because the school did not want the students to become infected with a potentially fatal virus.

I’m a little disappointed that we weren’t able to finish my senior year in person; I just wanted to spend the last year with friends because we’re on our way to college and we will have plenty of new responsibilities.

I remained optimistic during the year because the school and teachers would spread rumors that we would be returning to school, in the end, it was all false hope.

The school has now revealed that seniors will be able to attend in-person graduation, which is fantastic news. It’s the very least the school should do for us senior students.

We now know that we will have graduation, but the question remains whether or not we will have a prom. And if so will there be any restriction and/ or limits.