L.A County prepping to resume Johnson & Johnson Vaccine


Jaylene Villarreal, Staff Writer

Los Angeles County is set to once again administer the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to residents after a safety review by the federal health agencies determined that the pause in the use of the J&J shots, with warning materials about very rare instances of blood clots.


Vaccine providers could resume administering doses this Saturday as long as an updated fact sheet about the vaccine was distributed to recipients, the county announced. 


The county’s chief science officer, Dr. Paul Simon, estimated there are about 13,000 available J&J doses in the county’s network, with maybe an additional 25,000 in the hands of other providers in the region.

Simon said the county has been working on developing additional educational materials for clients and providers that will explain and contextualize the clotting issue that prompted ‘the temporary stoppage’ on April 13.

The materials will “include what we think is really important information about what to look for the signs and symptoms if you were to have this, again, very rare reaction,” Simon said. “And we are going to underscore this is a very rare reaction.”

The city of Los Angeles, for instance, had to hold onto 29,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson during the 10-day pause.

“To end this pandemic, we need to use every dose we have and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a critical piece of that strategy,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement Sunday.