Senior Prom


Janelle Venegas , Staff Writer

With covid happening this year, most of us thought prom was out the window just as pretty much everything else was. Lucky for us it isn’t! El rancho high school prom will be taking place this year just as everyone has hoped and wished for. This is a time to enjoy and take in the very last moments of your high school year. This will be a night to remember for many of us, seniors.

Things were unclear until just a few weeks ago. El rancho ASB took to social media April 21st that el rancho high school will in fact have a senior prom. El rancho is calling this event the senior extravaganza. This senior prom will take place on the 21st of May 2021. This will be a Friday.

Friday, May 21st this senior prom will be taking place in Anaheim, California. There will be no cost to el rancho high school students. There will be a photo booth to take tons of memorable pictures. Unfortunately with covid just happening and still going on there will be no guest. Meaning this will strictly be just a senior prom. Seniors will not be able to bring other guests from other schools or other grades. Fortunately, there will be games so students can have tons of fun. There will also be food to sit and enjoy with friends.

This will be El Rancho High School, El Ochoa Prep Academy, and Salazar High School combined. Dress to impress! This will be from 7:30-11:30 pm. More information to come.