What is the life of a flower vendor like?


Julianna Juarez, staff writer

You may see flower vendors everywhere, on the corners of the streets or the freeway but do you ever wonder what they do in order for you to receive these beauties? 


Many say that they work hard to provide for their families needs like food, clothes, education, and rent. Many of them do not have the same privileges as others do. Most of these vendors are immigrants looking for a better life for themselves and their children. 


Have you ever wondered where they get the lovely flowers from? 


Most of the vendors buy their products in the flower district, (Downtown LA) then they turn them into bouquets and sell them for 10 to 20 dollars. 


Some of the vendors’ kids help them sell. They are little kids in the streets selling flowers in order to help out their parents. For immigrant parents, it’s a struggle to leave their children with anyone that they don’t trust. They would rather have their kids help them out and be able to watch them. 


Unfortunately, some vendors get harassed and get abused by people without doing anything. All they are doing is working to get food home. They also get a lot of hate crimes for the majority of them being Hispanic. They get verbally abused just for selling flowers.  They suffer injustices at times but that doesn’t stop them from being able to give to others. 


Please keep supporting our street vendors, especially in this month of love!