Study habits to keep you focused


Skylar Becerril, El Rodeo Writer

Studying can be a very daunting and boring task but it is also a very important part of progressing and achieving academic goals.


The question “How can I make studying fun and effective?” is constantly overlooked when procrastination steps in. 


Procrastination is the unnecessary delay of something. Procrastination takes place usually when you have a big assignment or project but the idea of all the work can make you not want to do it. 


Here are different ways to help combat procrastination and get to studying using different methods.


  1. Try finding a study buddy 


Study buddies can be a great way to have someone else hold you accountable. As well as encourage you to study. This can be a fun way to make a new friend. 


  1. Listen to music 


Listening to music might help you study because you can listen to your favorite music at the same time. For others this might be a little distracting, I would suggest instrumental music instead.


  1.  Turn your studying time into a game


There are different platforms such as Kahoot, and Quizlet where you can import the material you need to study and play different games either by yourself or with others.


Overall, procrastination is a tough habit to stop but with these tips and suggestions, you might see studying in a different way hopefully making studying more enjoyable.