California mask mandate will end June 15th


Jaylene Villarreal, Staff Writer

As California is starting to decrease with covid-19 cases as used to being one of the high numbered states of covid cases California gov. Gavin Newsome said, “California could significantly ease its mask mandates as covid-19 cases continue to decline and vaccinations increase.”


I do not support nor agree with governor Gavin Newsome’s remark. I personally do not feel safe yet even though I am vaccinated, I will continue to wear my mask and follow guidelines. If California comes down to its residents not having to wear a mask whether it’s inside or outside around groups of people it’ll be a nightmare and most certainly a jaw-dropper because there is no sign of covid fully gone and we are still in a pandemic, it is not over yet. Eventually getting back to a normal life would be everyone’s dream but right now is still not the time to do so.


However, California is still making its way into getting comfortable and slowly opening up its businesses, amusement parks, etc… The next thing you hear is an end mask requirement chosen on a random date to end as if this pandemic never happened. Having a set due date of a no more mask mandate will not be guaranteed to be a set free covid world. I have a feeling Newsome is just trying to clear up and move on fast from this whole situation to not be recalled against Caitlyn Jenner for governor election. 


Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, professor of medicine and an infectious disease specialist at UC San Francisco, said “I don’t think we’re there yet,” he said. “Even if you are vaccinated, the more people you bring together, the higher the chance of nonresponders getting together where they can transmit… The larger the group, the higher the chance that two people didn’t get protection.”


Therefore, with Chin-Hong’s statement, I agree with him and would hope for Newsome to take this into consideration instead of rushing for what would be best for California’s residents.”