Daniel Caesars new album “Never Enough” is loved by many


Noel Gonzalez, El Rodeo Staff Writer

On February 15th, Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar announced his third studio album, set to release on April 7th. The lead single to that album, Do You Like Me?, was released on January 27th, giving fans a taste of what the album would be like.


The album itself consists of 15 tracks, adding up to a total of 55 minutes. 


The album was a pivotal moment in Daniel’s career.  “It was really aggressively seeking out the truth and trying to learn about myself and about the world in which I live, because I want answers,” Caesar says in an interview with Apple Music.


“That’s the most important thing to me. I think I’ve been dealing, struggling a lot with my desire to know things versus my desire to be liked.”


The album is smooth. It Is deep. Overall, I rate it a solid 4/5. The lyrics are meaningful, the songs are catchy. My personal favorite is “Cool”. I really appreciate the vocals and instrumentals on that song. They are beautiful.


Fans welcome the new album with open arms. It is loved by many. That being said, the album has its faults.


Some fans believe features on the album aren’t long enough. The album features appearances from artists such as Omar Apollo, Ty Dolla Sign, and Rick Ross. Omar Apollo was only given four lines in the song he was featured in.


Overall, the album was great. The flaws were minimal and it was very deep and meaningful. Fans seem to agree. It was a good album. Perhaps his best.