The benefits of learning to drive as a teen


Katie Stocks, El Rodeo Staff Writer

American teenagers are driving far less than previous generations with just over a quarter of 16-year-olds becoming licensed drivers as of 2018. Fewer and fewer teens are learning to drive, with most teens unaware of the advantages of learning how to drive. Here are several benefits of learning how to drive.


Driving allows teens to travel independently without relying on parents or public transportation. Driving can be especially helpful with activities such as school, extracurriculars, and part-time jobs. This way you are not reliant on others and are able to independently complete your task.


Learning to drive can provide teens with more job opportunities, especially those that require transportation. Some teens may not have someone who can drive them to work. Learning to drive can help high school students hold down a job.


Teens who drive increase their social opportunities. Being able to drive means teenagers can socialize more easily with friends and participate in social activities such as concerts, sporting events, and parties. This can be a great advantage.


Teens who drive also show improvements in their time management skills. Learning to drive requires good time management skills, which can help teenagers develop better habits in managing their time effectively.


Driving is a big responsibility, and it requires teenagers to become more independent and accountable for their actions.