The benefits of reading


Skylar Becerril, El Rodeo Staff Writer

To most students, reading can seem boring and useless. When in reality reading provides many benefits. 


Reading can improve your literacy skills, expand general knowledge, provide entertainment, and exercise your brain.


Finding the motivation for reading is another issue in itself. It’s important to figure out what you like. This will help you decide what to read because you will actually be interested in it.


Finding books that you can relate to, will definitely help you when looking for a book to read all the way through. 


If you are not sure what you like in general or are looking for a new hobby. Reading is the perfect outlet for doing so. You are able to explore so many different things through books, whether that be different countries, relationships, or careers. 


When I was younger I was not the biggest fan of reading. I would constantly find a book to read but loss interest shortly after. Now that I am older I have finally found books that I am truly interested in and ones that keep my attention. 


Just like movies or tv shows, books have the same genres! There’s a book for every genre that you would normally see on tv. 


All Booked! member, Elisabeth Romero, “If you like outer banks, then I would recommend small town romance genres”. 


Reading a book that is similar to your favorite tv show or movie is a great start to your reading journey. 


Exploring book to movie adaptations can also be a great way to start reading. If you have a movie that you like and it was first a book. Try reading the book and see which one you like better. 


Reading is all around us and might be your next favorite hobby!