Advice From Teachers for Senior Class of 2023!


Skylar Becerril, El Rodeo Writer

Life after high school can be tough and you will learn a lot along the way but to help you get started here are a few pieces of advice from some of your favorite teachers! They are very wise and have a lot of advice regarding the next steps you will take as an adult in the world! Whether that be college, work, or life in general. 


“QUERER ES PODER!”-Profra. Hernández


“Stop taking advice about college from your classmates, they haven’t been to college either.” – Mr. Retana 


“Trust yourself and DON’T take no for an answer! Your future is only limited by your imagination, so don’t dream it, BE it!”- Ms. Mata 


“Choose a College/Trade school that you can afford. After weighing all your options scholarships/grants, financial aid, ask yourself does this put me in extreme debt? If it does, look for an option that when you graduate, it puts you in a strong financial position for the future.”-Mr. Sauceda


“My advice would be that success comes from attempts and failures we make. Keep trying and don’t get discouraged, you will eventually succeed”-Mr. Phan


“To the class of 2023, one piece of advice for after high school. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to change your major or job choices. Make the most of your time always and live life drama free!”-Mr. Magdaleno


“Be happy. Dont be selfish. Dont be part of the problem, be part of the solution. Make the world a better a place. Leave everything better than you found it. Do good. Help people. Don’t be tardy and absent all the time like some of you were in high school. Don’t leave trash everywhere like some of you did at el rancho. Stop using the N-word!!!!!”-Ms. Lippstreu


Congrats Class of 2023! You did it! I hope this advice helps you when you may need it.