Opinion: Thanksgiving is severely underrated


Lorelei Rojo, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Thanksgiving should be a gathering of friends and family for a special day, not as a celebration of simplistic celebration slapped between Halloween and Christmas. 


 Thanksgiving is a national holiday which honors the first gathering between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans of the Wampanoag tribe. This very simplified version of the holiday is what is taught in school. My focus doesn’t involve this and isn’t what makes the holiday special or worth celebrating. In my family, Thanksgiving is special because my family spills chisme, watches old movies, and comes together over food.


I am fortunate enough to have a family that I actually like and don’t have too much beef, unlike some families. Thanksgiving is our time to dress up and give thanks for everything that has happened in our lives. We treat the holiday like it says, to “give thanks.”


Thanksgiving morning is so special because the Macy’s parade is on and I have been watching it since I was little. Watching the balloons, floats, and performances on TV with my mom as she is prepping for the dinner. It is a special tradition that is held deep in my heart.


Even before sharing the meal, the bonds and laughs we share through games like Monopoly are the moments I cherish the most. We love watching the Godfather every Thanksgiving and other movies I never would have thought to look at are shared between family members and it is a greater time to really  get to know each other. I learn new things every year about daily lives and the past ones hidden away. 


Gathering with family to give thanks for our life is what I look forward to every year. To truly reflect on the amazing moments that make up life and spending time over a great meal. In my house, the food is always good, so there’s never a dull Thanksgiving dinner. Every course is special from the sourdough stuffing, to my Tío Juan’s buttery mashed potatoes, to the gravy that layers on to the succulent turkey.


This holiday also lengthens the period of fall that isn’t overcome with spooky decorations. It allows for the season to be appreciated for its holiday themed drinks, sweaters, and autumnal colors. The browns and oranges give off a warmth that is like no other. It isn’t the warmth of summer, but the warmth of coffee and pumpkin flavored drinks from Starbucks. The resurgence of neutral colors of sweaters and cozy vibes. Fall is a hug that shouldn’t be skipped over.


 It is a moment to take a breath from the busiest three months of the year. It is a perfect time between the two most intense holidays, Halloween and Christmas. The crisp cool feeling of fall, even when the California weather flip flops from mid 60s to high 80s in one day, is something that can’t be overtaken by a holiday that is hyped in stores almost two months before it happens.