Eric Aparicio shows his dedication on and off the field


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

If you looked up the word dedicated, you might see a picture of Senior soccer player Eric Aparicio.

Aparicio is one of the hardest working soccer players on the varsity soccer team. When talking about the soccer program, Aparicio says, “I have learned to represent my community with pride and it has shown me hard work always pays off. Your time will come. You may not see the good parts in the beginning but everything will fall into place.”  

“I have been playing goalkeeper since I started soccer when I was eight years old. My dad was the coach of the team and no one else wanted to play goalkeeper,” he says. 

Aparicio has played soccer for 12 years and started playing soccer with AYSO, and then played club soccer.

He chose soccer to be his main sport to play a different sport than the people in his family, “I found a brotherhood while playing soccer.” 

When he was younger he also played baseball, golf, and basketball, which he only plays for fun now. He likes to shop, watch and play sports. He enjoys watching Netflix and game films. “I also enjoy working out when I am hyped up and full of energy,” he says.

Aparicio also likes to travel to see and experience new places. He travels to Seattle about once a year to visit his family. Aparicio also travels to Cancun just for fun and to Portland to play soccer.

While being so determined to be great, he has accomplished some good things here at The Ranch.

He has earned the Athlete of the Month award for the month of February, presented by ASB on behalf of El Rancho High. He has also earned the Principal’s Honor Award, and Key Club Member of the month. 

Through all Aparicio has experienced he says, “I cherish my family the most beyond everything else. They are always there for me when I need them. I couldn’t ask for a better support group.”

Aparicio plans to further his education while playing college soccer and is undecided on what school he is going to attend next fall.