Q&A with swimmer Lorelei Rojo


Jaylene Villarreal, Staff Writer

Sophomore Lorelei Rojo had her first CIF swim competition and was the only swimmer on El Rancho’s swim team who competed. The first round of CIF for swim was held at Santa Margarita Catholic High School. 


  • How did you do?

Rojo stated, “I did okay, by my standard. I stayed within half a second of my fastest time, but I wish I could’ve done better. I was 13th for my 100 backstroke and 14th for my 100 fly.”


  •  How did it make you feel? …throughout your competition?

“I was ecstatic that I was able to make CIF. I was honestly not sure if I would make it this year because they cut the original number of attendees from 32 to 16. I wasn’t sure where I would place with everyone because there were many athletes who had a school pool to practice in as well as their club team. That’s why I was jumping out of my seat to find out that I made the top 16 for two events.”


Further on, Anything you would like to redo or go back to before competing? 

She said, “I wish I could go back before my first race and tell myself to not be scared of going out too fast. I get really scared that I am going to burn out my legs and arms in a race and not be able to finish strong. I had practice the day before and it happened to me during a set, so I was a little nervous thinking about it. Also, I wish I knew how to properly warm-up because the waiting period before my races was very different from the waiting period before my races in a league meet.”


  •  Was this your first time going into CIF for your sport? If so, how was the experience, or what has been the experience like if it isn’t your first time?

“Yes, this was my first time going to CIF for swimming. I probably would’ve gone last year, but COVID hit during our season. It was very exciting to be there, but I didn’t get nervous until I got to the venue. I was able to get a CIF patch for my future letterman jacket and a nice shirt. It was very empty because only athletes and coaches were allowed to come. My mom and older brother couldn’t even come to cheer me on, which I wish they could’ve. It was very safe and CIF had organized time for people to warm up and prevented a buildup of people behind the blocks and in the pool.” 


  • Any special places/ medals/ trophies you got personally? What kind & what did you get it for?

Rojo explained.”I didn’t get any special places or medals because they go to the top 8. Hopefully, I will get there next year when I am able to swim more than just 2.5 months for 3 days a week.”