The importance of phone cases

The importance of phone cases

Esteban Villarreal, El Rodeo Staff Writer

Nowadays almost everyone has a phone, and to protect it we buy a phone case.  Phone cases are necessary for protecting the phone from any sort of damage including scratches, drops, and cracks. Phone cases were created by Andy Fathollahi.


There are many types of phone cases but some are basic phone cases, wallet cases, and transparent silicone phone cases.


Basic phone cases are the basic phone cases you can get when you buy a phone. They provide simple protection for your phone. A benefit of having a basic phone case is that it is highly customizable. They can come in any color and with any design you want.


Wallet phone cases are phone cases that allow you to keep your phone and money in one. They were invented by the two Californian brothers Sunder and Jambunathan. A wallet phone case is like a small phone-size book. On one side it has a spot for holding the phone and a flap that covers the phone screen and can hold cash, IDs, and cards. One downside to a wallet phone case is that if you have all these important things with your phone and lose it, you’ll lose more than just your phone.


Transparent silicone phone cases are like regular phone cases but they are transparent. The phone case can come in many colors including clear, green, blue, pink, and purple. They are mainly for enhancing the original look of your device and giving it some protection from damage caused by impacts and accidental drops.