MAX and Ali Gatie show strong emotions of love can last forever

Butterflies, 2021 Colour Vision Records, under exclusive license to Warner Records


Leilani Patino, El Rodeo Staff Writer

“Butterflies,” by singer-songwriters MAX and Ali Gatie premiered on June 24th. This song is all about falling deeper in love. The story shown in the music video is what really caught my attention and led me to love it. 

It’s not the lyrics that stood out to me, but it was the music video and the message they were trying to give.

The video starts with a couple, in beautiful royal blue clothes, as they’re expecting a baby.  

Throughout the video, the camera fades into other parts of their house as their daughter grows older. From when she is born, to when she is a little girl, and then a young woman.

Ali Gatie first appears about a minute into the video and takes a girl out. 

My first impression of this part of the video was who is this girl that they’re now introducing into the video, because it didn’t quite slip my mind it was the daughter. 

After seeing Ali Gatie come and go as he would take the daughter out, I was still confused as to what was going on in the video. 

A highlight in the video shows her ring when she becomes engaged. 

She’s excited, talking on the phone and looking at her ring, while he’s singing and looking at their picture together, representing their love. 

As the video ends, the parents are older, dancing when they see their daughter walking down the stairs. The video shows flashbacks of her growing up and the times they shared together. 

Her father puts on the same butterfly necklace that he gave her mom at the beginning of the video. 

Looking at both of these parts in the video, the butterfly necklace has a specific meaning. 

Butterflies represent a lot in the video as the pancakes they feed their daughter are little butterflies. When the daughter sees the shape of the pancakes she is full of excitement. 

The butterflies in this video represent love.

Prior to watching this music video, I’ve never seen a music video that transitions from different stages in life. I loved this video and it was really interesting seeing the daughter grow up, enter adulthood and become married. 

I‘ve never watched or listened to MAX and Ali Gatie but watching their music video made me wonder how they came up with this story because a lot of things can represent love. 

Working in the music industry is something that interests me, and because there are many different types of music with many different ways people tell a story in their music videos, this video in particular is one that’ll always stand out to me.